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Northrop Consulting Engineers

Northrop Consulting Engineers


Civil & Environmental Engineer

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Be challenged, grow and succeed at Northrop.

Building Northrop's Diversity Infrastructure

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Realise your potential

When you join Northrop, you’ll be given great opportunities, and very quickly you’ll be in front of clients and running projects of your own.

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Do what you love

At Northrop, we have a huge variety of projects, and where possible we build project teams based on a combination of expertise, interest and passion.

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Be part of the family

It’s all on us. When we succeed, we benefit – not some investor sitting on a beach. We’ve got skin in the game and we care deeply.

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The thing that sets Northrop apart from the rest is their well-rounded employee development. Not only is there great support and help for professional development, but social development is also considered very important.

Michael Smith, ACT Regional Manager

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The guidance, technical or otherwise, provided to me by my mentors, peers and senior engineers has been invaluable to my development. It has enabled me to take responsibility of my work and provided me with a workplace where I feel I can truly develop to my full potential.

Annika Netherton, Structural Engineer