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I am a play date organiser, a lego helicopter builder, defining ...

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When I'm building a team, what's important to me is the diversity of culture. Different backgrounds increase the differences in angles in thinking, so variety in people capabilities is more important to the successful makeup of the team. It allows us to consider challenges from different perspectives to achieve much better outcomes and solutions.

Kai Yang - General Manager, Analytics Strategy Advisory

Diversity In Thought

Sue Burt, Program Manager, Innovation Initiatives, discusses how innovative working is creating the future of banking.​

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Dads at CommBank take advantage of gender neutral parental leave

​More of CommBank’s working dads are taking time off to support their families following the birth of a baby. Hear what some of them have to say as they take advantage of CommBank’s gender-neutral parental leave options.

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Creation through collaboration

Donna Purcell, Senior Manager Accessibility and Capability Advicer, outlines our community mentoring program.

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How to prepare for an assessment centre

An assessment centre's designed to assess your skills, experience, and motivation in a group setting.

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Hendy talks flex

See how flexibility works at CommBank for Hendy.

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Carmel talks flex

See how flexibility works at CommBank for Carmel.

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How to prepare for an interview at CommBank

You've been invited to an interview – cogratulations! There's no need to be nervous, we're excited to meet the person behind the resume.

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