2019 Flexibility Report

Over the last few years, workplace flexibility has become a priority for businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. HR professionals and senior decision makers understand the benefits of flexibility and have designed both informal and formal policies to enable their talent to work in ways that best suit them.

However, there's often a gap between policy and practice. This year, we wanted to explore the relationship between a company's flexible working policies and the employee's actual lived experience.

This was our largest survey yet, with over 1,600 people from all industries and seniority levels sharing their experiences with flexibility. For the first time, we included HR policy makers, employees and job seekers for a holistic look into the current state of flexibility.

Download the free Annual Workplace Flexibility Report to:

  • Find out who needs flexibility and how they use it.
  • Discover where companies are falling short when embedding flexibility.
  • Get clear guidance from our experts on normalising flexibility.
  • Read client case studies.

On behalf of the team at FlexCareers, we would like to thank each and every one of our employer partners for their leadership, commitment and authenticity on flexible work – together we are creating a more flexible future.