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Lifecycle Solutions

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Drive your employer brand awareness & engage diverse talent through a defined authentic EVP and a standout flexibility offering.

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Find & source diverse quality candidates through engaged talent pipelines and the leading jobs marketplace for flexible work opportunities.

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Deliver on your EVP promise, empower with flexibility and provide a great experience to engage your new starters & set them up for success.

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Empower your people and support their development with flexibility options to balance their work life family & career goals.

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Engage your people and increase productivity with a leading flexible work experience and programs for parental & carer’s leave.

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Support your people as they transition out take a career break or go on parental leave and ultimately become ambassadors for your brand.

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Live your best life with a career that works for you

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Harness flexibility
to create an engaged and productive workforce

  • What our clients say

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    Candidates from FlexCareers have been of a very high calibre and we are attracting applications from a talent pool that we may not have accessed via other channels. Our initial discussions with candidates have been easier – we can discuss flexibility upfront as we know that it’s important to them. Using FlexCareers has also assisted the discussion internally around what flexible working truly means. Hiring managers better understand that there are many types of flexibility and by considering flex for roles it broadens the candidate pool.”

    (Westpac HR Lead)