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Business Development Manager

[Flexibility] has made me a better employee. I am more productiv...

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Jade Culibrk

Fleet Services Team Leader

Eclipx has provided Jade a career pathway.

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Melissa George

Employee Experience Lead

Since joining Eclipx my personal growth has been exponential, I ...

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Emma Capizzi

Maintenance Specialilst

Emma was not concerned about interviewing for a role traditional...

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Hanh Pham

Head of UX/UI

Hanh confesses, “I knew very little about cars when I first star...

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Melinda Slonim

National Manager, New Business

"it’s about doing great work, driving positive change and delive...

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Bernadette Lamont

Team Leader Accounts Payable

Bernadette has been extremely successful in bridging the ditch f...

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Anna Nicol

Talent Acquisition Specialist

“the focus we place on people at Eclipx is fantastic regardless ...

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We are always looking for people to join us on our journey. 

Do you have the passion to deliver our vision and turn it into reality?

Eclipx pledges to go EV

Eclipx Group proudly pledged their support in World EV Day 2021.

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Who is Eclipx Group?

Eclipx Group is a market leader in vehicle mobility solutions including fleet leasing, fleet management and diversified financial services.​

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Benefits of working at Eclipx Group

What you can expect from us.

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