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When two successful businessmen, Marko and Joel, looked around their offices, they noticed a very grave problem for corporate Australia - where are all the women?

With more women graduating from university each year it’s hard to believe the number of female leaders at Australia’s top corporates is less than 10%. There are millions of talented women who need to be enabled to realise their career goals, without sacrificing their lifestyle and commitments. FlexCareers was hatched to do just that.

FlexCareers has engineered game-changing technology to connect talented individuals with progressive employers offering flexible work. The initial focus is the underutilised talent pool of 2.1 million career mums, so that qualified and experienced women are contributing to the economic success of this generation and inspiring the next. FlexCareers also offers a fully integrated suite of training and re-accreditation courses for skills enhancement including our proprietary Relaunchships program that facilitates a return to work after an extended career gap.

FlexCareers is changing the way careers work by redefining success, rewriting talent management and realigning workplace expectations with the workforce of today. We envisage a future where flexible work is the norm, not the exception. Where women are given equal opportunities to men and the gender equality debate is a thing of the past. Where diverse teams are thriving and leading by example. Where life outside of work is valued and work-life integration is encouraged and supported.


Changing the way careers work.


These values are what define us as a business and what we hold true, even when times are tough. They guide our thoughts and determine our actions and are what we look for in new team members. As our business continues to evolve and grow, these five values will never change:

Initiate Innovation:

We push boundaries by finding a better way to make a difference. At FlexCareers we take some risks and encourage everyone to be the change they desire in the world.

Always Attentive:

We use every opportunity to connect with our community - customers, partners and stakeholders - to show them we genuinely care. No communication will ever go unanswered. We respect others, reserve judgment and remain positive.

Totally Transparent:

We are not afraid to be honest with ourselves, our team and our customers. We embrace openness and build trust through real relationships.

Win at Work:

Focused action and determination are ingrained in us and we thrive on success. But it’s not about winning at any cost. We play fair. We play fun. We play as a team.

Create Community:

Community is powerful. It creates power to cause the ripples that will change the world around us. Every action we take is about creating a stronger community for individuals and a positive movement for change.



We understand that for working mothers there’s more to consider than just the job. Family commitments, financial responsibilities, and personal growth are all motivating factors which drive you. And you’re not alone. Our tribe of busy working mothers is growing every day. Join our vibrant social community, build your networks and support each other to create the lives you want.

Coming soon – you’ll have unlimited access to a fully integrated suite of training and re-accreditation courses for skills enhancement. Plus for women returning to work after a considerable absence or those seeking a career change; we’re launching Australia’s first Relaunchships – 12 week internships in some of Australia’s most progressive organisations – test drive the role and prove you really are capable of anything.

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Did you know that working mothers are the most efficient and under-utilised pool of labour in the market? (EY study, 2014)

Businesses who partner with FlexCareers benefit from unlimited access to our full database of qualified, efficient and experienced candidates. Using our algorithmic matching technology (FlexMatch), your hiring managers can create a shortlist of candidates in just 15 minutes. Our rich big data set includes attitudinal and needs based profiling to match on more than skills qualification alone.

Our disruptive technology means our processes require fewer hands on deck, which keeps our costs down. We pass on the savings to you, our customers.

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Working mums are the most productive and under-utilised workforce in Australia

  • 2.1 million working mothers in Australia
  • 43% are degree qualified
  • Most efficient workers (EY Report, 2012)
  • Stay with their employers 12 months longer than other employees.
  • Less than half of all working mothers return to work full time. The rest seek more flexible options.
  • In fact, 300,000 will search for more flexible solutions this year.

FlexCareers is the only talent matching platform on the planet (that we know of) that connects talented women with progressive employers so they can advance their careers whilst supporting their lifestyle and commitments.

So if you are looking for a flexible or part-time career with an employer who understands your circumstances and values your contribution, join us today.