Head of HR Strategy and Governance


My future is helping build the workforce of the future

I’ve had a few different roles during my time at Telstra so far. I’ve been the Head of Learning, worked in Payroll, HR systems, HR analytics and now I’m the Head of HR Strategy and Governance. It’s a great opportunity to support the organisation’s transformation from a telecommunications company to a technology company.
A lot of what we’re working on at the moment is how we help build the workforce of the future. We’re working with the business to understand what the needs are for the future and lining up all our HR products and services to deliver that. That’s our strategic ambition.
At the same time, we’re also working on how to promote simplicity and accountability in how we change the experience people have with HR.
It’s looking at how we enable employees to serve customers better and this includes our people here too.

We’re looking at how we can make it easier for people to move into a role they want and fulfil their career ambition, introducing them to the right development, and overall provide a better employee experience.
You wouldn’t want to leave an organisation that’s transforming itself in the way we are, it’s exciting and challenging.
We have a massive job ahead as a company, but we have the people, the capability, the history, culture and passion to move forward. It’s the same reason I joined Telstra in the first place, the same reason I stayed through every iteration.
I’ve been offered opportunities in other businesses before, but I chose to stay because I believe I really could have much greater impact if I did. The opportunity for what I would learn here was much greater than what someone else could offer me and nothing excited me more.
I’m a member of the Senior Leadership Team, but despite this, I’m as flexible now as I ever was. I do the job and deliver on it but I still do the drop offs, the pick-ups, and basketball every week.
Being able to do this really reinforces that I continue to manage my role flexibly and I can manage both work and life.

Over the years I’ve been promoted and given greater responsibility and experiences, but it hasn’t changed the way I’m involved as a mother in my daughter’s life.

The work culture that we have here means I haven’t had to give up any of that, so why would I want to work anywhere else?