Digital Director - Service & Transformation


My future is making life easier for our customers. I started my career working in a call centre.
Today, I’m helping to run Telstra’s digital transformation program, which is a key part of the company’s evolution into a world-class technology company that empowers people to connect.

As Director, my role is to lead a team of highly talented people who are tasked with creating exceptional digital experiences for our customers.
We’re also focused on simplifying our digital channels and making it easier for our customers to connect with us.
The opportunity to be part of such a large and innovative program, especially when I consider where I started from, feels amazing.
I’m also motivated by the fact that I get to make such a big difference to a large number of customers and make their lives easier.When I reflect on my time at Telstra, I know that the work I’ve been able to do here is having a positive impact on my career.I’ve learnt from, and continue to work with, world-class technology leaders who have joined our technology teams.

These leaders have helped to open my eyes to what is possible as we continue our digital transformation.

There’s just so much to learn here at Telstra.