Senior Sales Manager, China


My future is being a game changer. My role within the sales team is a great example of how flexible a career at Telstra can be; so far I’ve been lucky enough to work in New York, Hong Kong and China.
Working in sales isn’t just about winning new contracts, it’s about creating value for customers. If you can deliver this, it will make a game-changing difference and you will earn trust.
It’s such a nice feeling when an external customer or one of our team members thanks you for doing a great job. It feels like we are one big Telstra family because everyone looks after each other.

The reason why I love working here is being able to learn about new and exciting technologies that will help our customers. There’s so much freedom to explore and learn new things!

As well as having had the option to gain international experience, I’ve also enjoyed a lot of flexibility in how I manage my day.

We can work from almost anywhere and are trusted to manage our own time.
I travel a lot so this is something I love. Flexible working not only shows me I’m trusted, it also motivates me to go over and above in my role. I love that Telstra invests in the technology to make this happen.
For example we can all stay in touch via technology like mobile devices, WebEx, virtual conferencing and even Yammer. This makes the work so much easier and more efficient!