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Benefits of employing flexible team members.

There’s over 1+ million highly-qualified women with established work histories looking for more flexibility in their current career or to re-enter the workforce after a career gap. This highly-skilled, untapped source of talent represents an incredible opportunity for organisations to welcome experienced workers, increase gender diversity, and, ultimately, improve performance.

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Become recognised as an employer of choice for women, attract top quality talent enjoy enhanced employee engagement through better work/life integration

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"Women in flexible roles (part-time, contract or casual) are the most productive members in the workforce" (EY Research)

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Find affordable, talented, high-calibre professionals who can work flexibly in tune with changes in your demand and customer requirements

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Our community is unique and exclusive. The majority of our members are not registered elsewhere

I've got 10 years experience as legal counsel with a major financial institution. I'm also a mum. I'm going back to work part time, and I'm going to love every second. Img3 Melissa, Lawyer, Sydney
I can out-do most people's full week in 3 days anyway ! Img4 Sarah, Project Manager, Gold Coast
Getting back to working in a team environment is my number one priority. Well, my kids are up there too, so job-sharing works well for me. Oh, and btw - I rock at it!! Img5 Ali, Financial Controller, Melbourne

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