Debra Close

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As a career and executive coach, I specialise in helping women change careers, transition back into work and position themselves for promotion. My clients tell me I help them feel fully prepared and confident to kick their career goals.

When we work together I can help you:

  • Recognise what you're capable of achieving in your career
  • Rediscover the best of who you are and what you have to offer. I help you develop your “personal brand" to promote yourself authentically, network and secure your dream job
  • Prepare for conversations and interviews to stand out and be the obvious choice!
  • Design a killer plan for your 2-5 year career horizon

I’m an experienced executive, with a longstanding corporate career, leading and coaching teams across a range of industries. I have the highest-level Coaching qualification in Australia - the Masters in Coaching Psychology (the science and practice of optimal human performance). All frameworks and tools are proven to be effective in scientific studies. I'm accredited in essential career coaching and leadership tools. I'm a professional member of relevant professional bodies, including the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA).

I'm grateful to do this inspiring work helping other women fulfil their career dreams. Outside work I'm a mum, friend and devoted yogi.

“Debra provided a great sounding board during my adjustment to returning-to-work and the environment of a big-4 accounting firm. She was immediately guiding me to think about what goals I wanted to achieve in her coaching sessions, which I can say we definitely achieved. Debra is a good listener, uses the time constructively and is an overall lovely person. Her experience and qualifications became evident throughout our time together. Definitely a good investment of time, even when crazy busy.” Francine Caratti


University of Sydney , Masters, Coaching Psychology, University of Sydney , Coaching Psychology
Leaderhip Effectiveness Analysis
Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey
Strengths Profile
Mental Toughness MTQ48, MTQ+


Career Coaching, Career Transition, Executive Coaching, Interview Coaching, Personal Branding/Social, Work Life Balance, and Return to Work

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