Our values, our culture

Viva Energy

At Viva Energy, we are building a culture where people feel inspired to achieve. We empower our teams to push the boundaries and individuals to act as if this business was their own, demonstrating creative thinking and accountability.

Performance is the foundation of Viva Energy Australia. Put simply, we are a smart, agile, outcome focused company that rewards our people according to their performance, safety focus and delivery.

Diversity & Inclusion

Viva Energy is founded on strong values and promotes a culture based on honesty, integrity and respect. We are committed to ensuring all employees have the capability and right to a fair, safe and productive environment where they can develop to their full potential and embraces diversity in all forms.

In return, you will work for a company with a long-term growth plan and ambition to be the best at what you do in a competitive market. You will be challenged, and expected to deliver on your promises. You will experience real ownership and accountability.