Learning, Development and Leadership

Vicinity Centres

Learning and Development

We see learning as intrinsic to high-performance – learning opportunities should not come at the expense of your work, nor should your workload come at the expense of your learning opportunities. As such, we encourage our people to think of a mix of learning activities to take part in – whether it be experiential, on the job, learning from others and/or formal learning events.

We offer an industry-leading performance development program – ensuring our team members are clear on their goals and well-positioned to achieve them. Our program allows leaders and their team members to work collaboratively to set performance objectives on an annual basis, and provides opportunities for both formal and informal developmental feedback on an ongoing basis. Our systems are transparent, equitable and encouraging.


Vicinity is dedicated to building strong leaders who engage, energise and build capable and high performing teams. Our leaders are forward-thinkers who network, source, share, coach, learn and adapt to meet new challenges and enrich our community experiences.

We use succession planning to unlock an active and diverse talent pipeline and to ensure the leaders of our future are the team members of today.