How assistant area manager Moazzam benefits from Transdev's flexibility

Transdev Australasia

Before making his transition into public transport, Moazzam Mohammed previously worked in logistics and transport roles. In his current position as Assistant Area Manager he ensures drivers work efficiently and are presentable when they take customers safely from A-B. He also follows through any complaints and, if they’re valid, decides what action should be taken. “I work at Doncaster, one of Transdev’s biggest depots, with 200 buses and 340 drivers. I’m personally responsible for 90.”

Transdev’s combination of safe working conditions, driver support and good infrastructure meant that last year Moazzam’s team didn’t lose any time to injury. Transdev has invested heavily in new technology that is revolutionising how transport networks operate. There are six new operating systems and all play a big role in Moazzam’s day.

“Technology helps us to deliver a more reliable and efficient service that guarantees safe travel and safety at work, and training ensures technology is well implemented. I’m passionate about ensuring our buses are on time and at the right place, especially when it comes to school kids. Parents need to be able to rely on our service.”

What makes Moazzam love his job though, is Transdev’s culture — which is inclusive and friendly, with equal opportunities and mutual respect. He works hard to maintain a strong sense of community at his depot. “I love coming to work because there’s such a positive feeling. There’s lots of different nationalities, so you get to meet people from all over the world. It’s like one big family. If a driver has an accident or is having issues at home, I encourage them to talk to me.”

Flexibility is part of the culture too. “Recently I had to work really early shifts, but I had the morning school run with my own children. We worked around it so I could leave work at 8 and be back by 9. That sort of flexibility makes a big difference.”

“I enjoy what I do, and I feel good when I contribute to the greater good or make a difference”, Moazzam says. “It’s great to play a key role in providing a reliable service – and enough of them - which so many people rely on.”