Sportsbet's Commitment to Well-being


We sat down with James to tell us more about how Sportsbet’s benefits help promote well-being.

James, tell us about your role at Sportsbet – and what do you love most about working here?

My role looks after Compensation, Benefits & Mobility – so I make sure our people feel like we have the policies, strategic partnerships and processes to support them in each phase of their life and career. I’ve been at Sportsbet for 18 months- what I love most are the people and opportunities to do meaningful and impactful work whilst continuing to grow along the way- it’s pretty special.

What are some things you do outside of work to achieve well-being?

  1. I’m a runner! Hitting the pavement with a Spotify Playlist. Hello fresh air and tunes.
  2. I set boundaries and stay connected. I have a re-occurring calendar invite set to be OOO from 4pm each Friday. This lets me to wrap up the week and start the weekend doing something I personally love with family and friends. My weekends consist of going for a run or ride, swim, hitting the road for a weekend road-trip, jumping in the kitchen for a bit of food prep (gatherings around the kitchen table with a feast of food and wine- yes please!) or escaping to try a new wine bar or brewery.
  3. I proactively plan breaks… I’m a summer person and love being outdoors. The opportunity to chase the sun and explore somewhere new is part of my DNA. I’ll always have a form or a winter warmer getaway and a few smaller periods throughout the year to switch off and recharge.

What are some of the ways that Sportsbet promotes mental health and general well-being?

At Sportsbet, we have a holistic approach to well-being with a focus on emotional, physical and financial health.

More specifically around mental health and well-being, we’ve partnered with organisations such as:

Acacia: Our Employee Assistance Program,

Circle In: A Parents and Caregivers Well-being Platform,

Medibank: Well-being Provider.

We also championed moments throughout the year including:

Mental Health Awareness in May,

#RUOKDay in September, and

Movember in November