Who we are


Our Purpose and Strategy

We want to make a difference to the world by developing natural resources in a safe and sustainable way, bringing long-term benefits to the communities we work with.

By investing in high-quality assets and maintaining financial discipline, we are unlocking value for our shareholders and global partners. We will constantly strive to improve our performance, through well-designed work and continuous learning.

Our purpose is to make a difference by developing natural resources, improving people’s lives now and for generations to come.

We are bringing the world the materials it needs by carefully developing natural resources and improving the communities we work with, now and for generations to come.

We have a simple strategy to achieve our goals by investing in high-quality metals and mining operations that complement our capabilities to unlock all potential from our operations.

Our strategy is to:

  • Optimising the performance of our existing operations
  • Unlocking their potential by converting high value resource into reserve
  • Identifying new opportunities to compete for capital within our capital management framework

Our strategy will see us realising the potential of our operations, delivering value to our local communities, our people, and shareholders.

With this approach, we are building a smarter business, so we can succeed no matter where we are in the commodity cycle.