Find Talent

Our jobs marketplace is the preferred site for candidates in Australia and New Zealand looking for flexible work. Our sophisticated AI matches them to the right role and you can search our database to source your perfect candidate, save and share profiles and track performance with detailed reporting.

Parental Leave Support

Relaunchships is our leading return to work program enabling progressive employers to support and retain existing employees as they embark on their journey to parenthood. The Relaunchships program guides participants through each stage - from expecting and being on parental leave, to finally returning to work. We also provide valuable support and training for managers and leaders on how to engage effectively with employees who are moving through the Relaunchships program.

Relaunchships Return to Work Program

Relaunchships is also able to help you access an otherwise untapped pool of talent looking to transition back into the workplace after an extended career break. This end-to-end program combines exclusive access to a scalable online platform, accessible from anywhere at any time, with the best expert career coaching and training to transition new employees back into the workforce.

FlexReady Certification™

We have earned reputation and trust for partnering with some of the most progressive organisations to help embed truly flexible work environments. The FlexReady™ Certification is an award that communicates that an organization employs a flexible work environment where possible, and is open to having conversations about flexible work options with both existing employees and potential candidates. The certification is only awarded to organisations who have satisfied eight key pillars, or who have partnered with FlexCareers on their flexible work journey.

Future of Work Employer Branding

Your employer brand is no longer about what you can offer to potential candidates such as free breakfast, pool tables and early Friday drinks. Equally, it's no longer just about remuneration packages or promotion opportunities. Today, businesses operate in a purpose driven, knowledge economy meaning your employer brand needs to resonate with the workforce of the future in an authentic manner. FlexCareers can help you develop and launch your employer brand to build an engaged, productive talent pool and workforce.


Our expert FlexReady consultants offer world-class end-to-end flexibility support to help you assess your current situation and guide you through creating or improving your flexible working framework and practices. We will provide detailed practice cases, tool kits and training, in addition to strategy implementation and ongoing HR support. Our experts are here to help you get FlexReady at any stage of your flexibility journey.


In partnership with some of Australia and New Zealand's top human resources experts, we've created FlexHub, a digital platform delivering bespoke professional development programs. Tailored to your unique culture, your business and the demographic mix of your employees, FlexHub is also program agnostic. This means any developmental program can be implemented on the platform, from return-to-work programs and outplacement to general careers and executive coaching. FlexHub is perfect for employees working flexibly as it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Nudge Technology

Nudge is a proprietary algorithm designed to make sure your employees stay engaged and in touch with your business during pivotal stages of their career journey. Whether on parental leave, working remotely or participating in return-to-work programs, Nudge automatically sends personalised messages to the right employees at the right time, giving 'nudges' to leaders to maintain contact with employees at appropriate times.


Our innovative CareerSwitch outplacement solution gives your departing employees the tools, support and opportunities they need to thrive whilst at the same time protecting your employer brand. Leveraging our technology platform and jobs marketplace, our outplacement platform is scalable and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Expert speakers

Our flexibility and future of work experts are renowned industry-wide for their thought leadership and extensive industry experience. They are available to present at both industry and corporate events in the following areas:

  • Embedding flexibility into the workplace
  • Building a values-based employer brand
  • Attracting candidates for the workforce of the future
  • Future-proofing your business against disruption
  • Diversity, inclusion and belonging
  • Please contact us here to request a keynote or panel expert.