RBA is launching our MOVE Careers Program

Reserve Bank of Australia

The Reserve Bank of Australia is excited to be launching our MOVE Careers program – a flexibility program that offers so much more than just flexibility.

Our philosophy on flexibility is people-centred and we know your life is more than your job. We don’t think you have to compromise on your career because you want flexibility in the way you work. We want you to be able to pursue your life’s passions outside of work without your career standing still.

We understand that only you are best place to know what type of flexibility you will need to achieve your full potential. So when we set out to design a program, we acknowledged that every individual is unique and so are their flexibility requirements.

The MOVE Careers Program is designed to enable more experienced professionals the opportunity to MOVE their career forward, and achieve professional growth and development on flexible terms.

So what is MOVE?

Managerial roles (or approaching management) 


Variable and flexible 


We are excited about the program and what it stands for – it sets the tone for what we are trying to achieve. Our program is simple; we look for candidates with skills and experiences that are important to our organisation, we ask each individual what flexibility they need and we tailor the role to ensure that our “MOVERs” can be successful and engaged in meaningful work. Lastly, we support the continuous growth and development of our MOVERs by designing an individualised 12 month development plan.

We think our program is special. It is not an internship or return-to-work program where a participants work within fixed parameters, for example, program duration and salary. It is about providing meaningful long-term employment at an appropriate skill level and an appropriate salary, with development support. And did we mention, flexibility is tailored?

Applications for this round have now closed.