MOVE: Your Questions Answered

Reserve Bank of Australia

What is the MOVE Careers Program?

This program is designed to provide more experienced professionals with the opportunity to MOVE their career forward and continue their professional growth on flexible terms. Program participants are provided flexible employment opportunities as either technical experts or managers and supported to have successful careers through flexibly delivered and curated learning and development.

The aim of the MOVE Careers program is to:

  • Provide meaningful work
  • In a flexible capacity
  • Supported with development opportunities that enable you to grow your career flexibly.

What does MOVE stand for?

MOVE stands for:

Managerial roles (or approaching management, for example, technical experts)


Variable and Flexible


Who can be part of the MOVE Careers program?

There are four criteria candidates will be assessed on throughout the recruitment process.

1. Values Alignment

The Reserve Bank of Australia has a strong values and we are looking for candidates that share our values.

Promotion of the public interest

We serve the public interest. We ensure that our efforts are directed to this objective, and not to serving our own interests or the interests of any other person or group.


We are honest in our dealings with others within and outside the Bank. We are open and clear in our dealings with our colleagues. We take appropriate action if we are aware of others who are not acting properly.

Excellence. We strive for technical and professional excellence.

Intelligent inquiry. We think carefully about the work we do and how we undertake it. We encourage debate, ask questions and speak up when we have concerns.

Respect. We treat one another with respect and courtesy. We value one another's views and contributions.

2. Experience

To be considered part of the program, candidates must have skills and experience that align to one of the disciplines advertised. .

3. Program Criteria

Candidates must also meet one of the following criteria:

  • Returning to work following a career break
  • Taken a career break in the last 5 years
  • Currently employed but seeking greater flexibility in their career
  • Operating at mid-career level with great work experience

4. Leadership Capability

Successful candidates must demonstrate RBA leadership capability. The competencies we value and assess as part of this program are:

  • Planning and execution
  • Communicating and influencing
  • Critical thinking and judgement
  • Leadership and engagement
  • Adapting and responding

What flexibility is provided the Reserve Bank of Australia on this program?

We believe flexibility means different things to different people. You may be looking for part-time work or full-time work but with flexible hours. We are open to understanding what flexibility means to you and welcome a conversation with one of our talent consultants.

Is there a start date for the program?

No. Because our program is flexible,you will not need to start with a cohort of participants on a specified day. We will work out start dates that suit you within a particular time frame.

What learning and development opportunities are available to program participants?

Participants on the program will be supported with a flexibly delivered and comprehensive onboarding program. Some aspects include:

  • Wellbeing coaching
  • Structured colleague support
  • Competency based online learning modules
  • Competency based development sessions

How is this program different from an internship or return to work program?

  • You don’t need to be returning to work but you must meet the criteria outlined in question 3.
  • We are looking for employees with experience relevant to the program opportunities.
  • There are no start or finish dates of the program. We will offer fixed-term or ongoing employment, depending on the role. You can run the development component of the program at your pace.
  • We ask you what your flexibility requirements are and if you are a successful, where practicably possible, we will design the role to suit these needs.

8. How often will the program run?

We will advertise for the program on our careers site approximately twice a year. If you are not ready to apply but want to keep in touch, please express interest via the ‘Take you next step’ tile on our FlexCareers page.

9. What if my area of expertise is not being advertised as part of the program?

We are not able to make this program available to every discipline. However, over time, we will look to increase the skills and experience required to be part of the program. 

If you do not see your discipline advertised, you can still express interest in the program here. We will contact you if we open the program up to roles you have registered your interest here.