Working at PwC

PwC Australia

New offices and new ways of working 

We’ve got state of the art offices and new ways of working to ensure we are innovative, creative and can work collaboratively with our teams and clients to solve important problems. Whether you’re having meetings on treadmills, trying out our stand up desks, connecting with a client in Singapore using Google Hangouts or playing with lego on your brain break, you’ll completely challenge and change the way you work, for the better. 

Personal development 

With our state of the art learning management system, choose when, where and what you want to develop to support your potential, and find out what learning opportunities are best aligned to your career aspirations.


Taking the time to learn about your health and wellbeing is as important as building your technical, core and industry knowledge. At PwC, we have a dedicated wellness hub where you can learn about all aspects of your wellbeing - body, mind, relationships, work, meaning, place and finances.

Societal Relevance - be good, be bold, be part of it

We encourage our employees to get involved in the community and offer programs to enable our people to get involved in what matters most to them. Staying connected and listening to our community about the issues of today and the challenges of tomorrow help us be better at what we do - building trust in society and solving important problems.