Manager, Field Sales

PayPal Australia

"The company is passionate about both our merchants and end consumers and how we can make a difference."

I work on:

Enabling PayPal for large merchants in Australia. I look after the enterprise sales team for PayPal.

Why did you join PayPal?

I wanted to work for a technology company. Coming from a payments background, I thought this was the perfect mix.

Use 3 words to describe PayPal, and explain why.

Passionate, innovative, and customer-first. The company is passionate about both our merchants and end consumers and how we can make a difference; we innovate every day – not only in product, but the way we do things. And ultimately, we work towards making sure every decision we make has the customer front of mind.

Is there a particular project or initiative you’re proud of working on at PayPal?

Last year it was building the strategy, people, capability, and pipeline for a mid-market field sales team, which previously didn’t exist in Australia.

What ideas and experiences are you working on now?

Building the skillset, capabilities, and training material which can be scaled across the Australian business.

How has your career evolved with PayPal?

I have been given a number of opportunities to grow across my role: forming strategy, creating training modules, and external speaking opportunities. All of these have enabled me to grow my existing skillset and career, and work on both my existing role as well as stretching myself for my next opportunity.

Is there anything else related to your role or experience at PayPal you want to share?

I've had an opportunity to travel to our other offices internationally within my role to expand my network and skillsets. I've also been able to work with global teams on opportunities, training, and best practise.