Nicola Buddee

Corporate Audit Senior Manager


Being adaptable is essential when it comes to getting the most out of our ever-changing business environment.

For Nicola, this is as true with her role as an Audit Manager at KPMG Sydney as it is for her passions outside of work. Where being open to taking on new opportunities has been as important as refining her current skills.

After graduating from The University of Technology, Sydney, Nicola ultimately joined the KPMG Sunshine Coast practice, where, as Nicola said, the “regional experience was fantastic for my accounting career. I worked with all sorts of legal entities and various industry sectors, which I wouldn’t have normally been exposed to in Sydney.”

It was also the ideal environment to pursue her twin passions of golf and entertaining friends. Golf especially has been a significant focus. “I love that it is both an individual and team sport. I even took time out from my accounting career in 2010/2011 to see how far I could pursue a dream of becoming a professional golfer. During that time off from KPMG, I put all of my focus into training to achieve that goal.”

For KPMG it’s important that everyone who works with us are able to pursue their interests outside of work as hard as they approach every project they’re working on. It’s as essential to us that we’re adaptable to our people’s needs as they are to ours – especially because our needs are constantly changing, as Nicola has experienced.

“My day can be a mixture of servicing audit clients, coaching all levels of staff, from partner to undergraduates in Sydney Corporate Audit, on KPMG’s audit methodology or developing outputs for the dynamic audit project such as presentations for the global audit steering group or participating in national/global teleconferences the global team.”

Nicola has also needed to be flexible where she works. “I’ve had the opportunity to travel to KPMG's Global Services Centre in the US and to London, Singapore and Dublin offices as part of my Dynamic audit project manager role. I’m lucky that my day involves participating in collaborative workshops overseas with managers/partners from other KPMG member firms.”

Going above and beyond for our clients is how we operate. It’s also why we do the same for those who work for us. The more you experience, the more you can offer. As Nicola says, “It has been such an amazing opportunity to be exposed to both Australian and global leadership as well as work alongside other partners/managers from other global member firms to develop initiatives that are going to have global reach and impact for KPMG, and ultimately, our clients.”