Sales and Marketing at Hilti



We enthuse construction professionals with technologically-leading products, systems and services which outperform and outlast.
Two-thirds of our team has direct customer contact resulting in more than 200,000 contacts each day. This is a significant number and for us it represent some 200,000 moments where we can prove our customer orientation.

Whether you join us as a field salesperson, in a Hilti Centre or in customer service the goal is the same: we want to passionately create enthusiastic customers.

Your sales activities focus on the applications and needs of our customers. You are always welcomed by construction professionals as Hilti's portfolio of products and services is continuously setting new standards in the construction industry.

You create enthusiastic customers with breakthrough technological innovations that increase productivity on the construction site. The legendary electro pneumatic rotary hammers and breakers, Hilti direct fastening technology or measuring technology are excellent examples.


We offer our customers innovations and effective, long-term-oriented marketing. Marketing plays a key strategic role. Our marketing team members are fully responsible for defining where we play and how we win.

We offer a large range of functions within our marketing units. You may concentrate on strategic marketing, on our products, trades, or markets- all of this at both regional and national levels. Many challenges await you in identifying, inspiring and retaining potential customers.

A strong brand represents a competitive advantage. All of Hilti's communication is aimed at both long- and short-term reinforcement of the brand while also highlighting what the company offers.
Customers must recognise Hilti immediately and know what we stand for: Hilti. Outperform. Outlast.