Living our corporate culture


Our unique corporate culture is the foundation for our long term financial success which we combine with corporate responsibility. The corporate culture that we live on a daily basis is viewed as a journey – we call it ‘The Hilti Way’.

To prepare our team members for future challenges we invest in more than 35,000 working days per year in corporate culture workshops. At Hilti corporate growth and individual growth go hand in hand.

Mission Statement

We passionately create enthusiastic customers and build a better future!

Enthusiastic customersWe create success for our customers by identifying their needs and providing innovative and value-adding solutions.

Build a better future

  • We foster a company climate in which every team member is valued and able to grow
  • We develop win-win relationships with our partners and suppliers
  • We embrace our responsibility towards society and environment
  • We aim to achieve significant and sustainable, profitable growth, thus securing our freedom of action


In the Hilti world, we base our culture on commitment, integrity, responsibility, trust, tolerance and respect for others. Thinking globally, acting locally and having common values, visions, and goals all within the context of Innovation and Our Culture Journey are part of the Hilti Australia culture. The common values we share in Hilti Australia include the following:


Treat others the way you want to be treated. Do what you say you will do and be accountable for your actions. Apply truth and honesty in dealing ethically with all people.


Exercise your passion to achieve excellence. Demonstrate the courage to take risks. Celebrate success and recognise achievement. Ensure we are vital to our customers.


Build an environment of open communication, sharing of ideas, and best practices. Assemble diverse talents to create organisational excellence. Work together to build a better Hilti for our stakeholders. Foster an atmosphere of respect and openness, fun, and co-operation.


Value both positive and negative experiences as sources of learning and innovation. Continually break out of the circle of habits by taking risks. Exercise freedom of choice: love it, leave it, or change it.