Finance, Human Resources and Supply Chain



Today our finance organisation is as important as ever. It supports us in managing our company as well as in making the right business decisions. We offer a broad range of positions within out finance unit, such as in controlling or accounting, at corporate level, regional level or country level. We place a high emphasis on operational excellence and the application of the most modern methods.

Human Resources

Our direct selling business model relies on people. We need talented people, who continue to develop, to implement our long-term vision. Human Resources play a key role in attracting, hiring, developing and retaining the best people. We have state of the art integrated processes, tools and instruments which allow HR professionals to serve as HR business partners for the various departments. This also enables them to have a direct impact on the results.

Supply Chain

Our unique structure is based on a worldwide supply chain that includes every step, from purchasing the raw materials through to delivery of the finished product to the customer. We're guided in all we do by our motto "order today, we deliver tomorrow." Our focus is on operational excellence and lean methods of manufacturing, as well as Kaizen management. Modern technologies such as an automated warehouse system and SAP R3 support the overriding target of corporate success. A worldwide network of our own production facilities also contributes to effectively distributing our knowledge and to learning from one another.