Employer of Choice


Our team member’s voice is important. The annual employee opinion survey is a leadership scorecard and channel for the company to take action on the feedback provided. It works; 90% participation rate in the survey with 86% of team members proud to work for Hilti.

We also participate in external studies on employer attractiveness. Irrespective of location, whether in the USA, India, Poland, Singapore or Germany – Hilti is popular.This confirms our ambition to be an employer of choice.

Hilti Australia has been awarded the prestigious AON Hewitt Best Employers in Australia and New-Zealand accreditation for the fifth consecutive year. This accreditation represents a significant achievement and demonstrates that Hilti truly values its people and has a long term commitment to engaging and motivating its team members.

It also demonstrates Hilti’s belief that by having great people and a strong culture, Hilti can create world class customer experience and outstanding business results.

Read the Hilti Australia Case Study 510.4kB