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We create leaders

With four businesses and operations in 160 countries, GE employees are changing the world – introducing medical breakthroughs, helping emerging nations become better places to live and work, solving the world’s environmental challenges, and creating rewarding, more satisfying lives for themselves.

What makes us outstanding?

We are a company of over 300,000 employees who never tire of the thrill of discovering a new idea. We have a long, proud history but we constantly embrace the future.

Four things that differentiate us

  • Essential company – We lead business and societal changes – while making money for investors. We have the scale and expertise to make a difference.
  • High performance – Our size is an advantage and we never stop setting the bar higher.
  • Great businesses – Our businesses are robust, ever evolving, and are leaders in market share and profitability.
  • We’re committed to our people – we attract the best talent and invest $1 billion a year globally to develop our people. Our Asia Pacific Training Centre is based in Australia at our Richmond head office. It's where GE employees and key partners across the region exchange ideas and learn to put their imagination to work.

**Did you know**

Forbes said that we are one of the World's Best Companies for Leaders