Why GE?



We’re a global organisation with all the benefits you’d expect and some you may not. We employ the best people and reward them accordingly, with highly competitive salaries, great working conditions, and holidays. You also get to work with equally talented and driven people as yourself. When you join us you’re joining a culture of excellence.

Training & Development

We help you achieve your career aspirations and realise your dreams. We want you to get the best out of yourself and live up to your potential. You’ll be mentored by some of the brightest and best minds in the business world. They’re here to help you aim for the highest success, and reach it.


We are a business with a heart. We believe in helping make the world a better place. Our culture has a conscience. We enjoy giving back, in helping those less fortunate than ourselves. And we encourage our people to volunteer in altruistic activities, even during work times.

**Did you know**

Business Week thinks we are one of The World’s 25 Most Inventive Companies