Ethical Supply

Forever New


by country of origin

Most of our suppliers are located in China. A small proportion of our ranges are manufactured in other countries including India, Vietnam and Bangladesh.
Some items are also produced in Europe. See our world map diagram.

Forever New Supply Chain


We regularly visit our suppliers around the world to audit working conditions and processes, which monitor adherence to our Ethical Code
of Conduct. The code of conduct we follow is called the Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code.

For those suppliers who fully embrace our Code and Values, we commit to a continuous improvement approach over time, whereby we use
our commercial leverage to influence and support the changes necessary.

Forever New terminates relationships with suppliers who do not commit to our ethical values or demonstrate meaningful change when gaps
in adherence to our Code of Conduct are discovered.

Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code

This multi-stakeholder approach allows for greater transparency of the factory’s objectives and progress, and cuts down on multiple retailers auditing the same factory site.


Forever New believes in achieving high ethical standards across our global supply chain. We have joined People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals (PETA) in the ban of angora rabbit hair products, after it was identified in mid-December 2013 that angora rabbit hair cannot currently
be sourced ethically.

In December 2013 we ceased all future sourcing of any product containing angora fibre. We have also made a commitment to PETA

and our customers that we will not use angora in any future products, unless an ethical source is identified.