Cowal Stage H - Recruitment

Evolution Mining

Cowal Gold Mine is a first class open cut mining operation, located approximately 45km from the town of West Wyalong and 450km west of Sydney. Cowal is an established operation, mined by a fleet of dump trucks, excavators and ancillary equipment.

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Cowal Life Extension Project

Evolution is recruiting for an exciting mine life extension of our Cowal Gold Operation (CGO). The extension will enable continued operations at the existing mine to add an additional 8 years of operations.

Evolution exploration has identified additional gold resources at depths greater than the currently approved final depth of the existing open pit.

The deepening of the open pit has been designed to maximise ore recovery, while maintaining factors of safety appropriate for operating conditions and the long-term stability of the lake isolation system. Consistent with existing operations, the pit slope design criteria of the deepened open pit have been developed based on findings of geotechnical investigations.

The new work involves accessing additional gold resources below the current base of the open cut mine and the alteration or extension of tailing storage areas while continuing to use the existing processing facilities.

The Modification includes the implementation of mitigation measures, and management measures (including performance monitoring), to minimise potential impacts on the environment and community. The Modification will result in additional contributions to regional and NSW output and business turnover and household income for an additional 8 years.

The modification will facilitate the continuity of employment for the CGO workforce, providing job security for local mine employees and contractors, and will continue to stimulate demand in the local and regional economy.

Evolution Mining Cowal mine site

Evolution Mining Cowal mine site

Employment Opportunities

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

  • Excavator Operators
  • Ancillary Operators
  • Truck Operators
  • Shift Foreman
  • Tradespeople (Auto Electrician)
  • Tradespeople (Fitter Excavator)
  • Tradespeople (Fitter – General)
  • Tradespeople (Boilermaker)
  • Service Bay Coordinator
  • Senior Mining Engineer