Our benefits


Work from anywhere

Many of us are able to work from home, a cafe, or a park whenever we want. Yay freedom!

Work and travel

You can work and travel around the world for up to three months every year! But we expect postcards.

Flexible hours

Need to work around school drop-offs and pick-ups? Just not a morning person? No worries.

Paid parental leave

We offer 18 weeks at full pay for the primary caregiver and two weeks at full pay for partners. Envato is one big family, so we welcome yours.


You can choose to spend some time working in other teams to learn new skills and tackle new challenges.

Milk Bar

Our kitchens are full of fresh fruit, tea and coffee – all free. Other goodies are available with a small charity donation.

Purchasing leave

You can purchase up to two weeks additional leave and spend more time with the family, or explore the world as much as you like.

Social events

Our social calendar is pretty busy and includes, end-of-year party, pool and table tennis competitions, BBQs and much more!

Wellness program

Free yoga and meditation, annual flu vaccinations, kindles with your favourite books and more to feed your body and soul.

Mentoring program

Envatians are amazing people with mad skills. With our mentoring program you can really learn from the best!


Envato is so proud of everything you do for charity, so proud that we will match what you raise for a Charity in Australia.

Volunteer Day

At Envato we are about more than the bottom line that’s why we offer a volunteer day for each employee per year so Envatians can give their time to support their chosen charity.

Visit Melbourne subsidy

Our remote team members receive a subsidy to come visit Melbourne and work from our HQ for a couple of weeks.


Art on walls, arcade games and a pool table, a courtyard with netball ring and BBQ… we’re pretty proud of our HQ!