Career opportunities

Enel Green Power

Ever since our inception, we have continued to grow: more energy and plants, more countries and people, more experience and innovation.

Enel Green Power’s success goes hand in hand with the fulfilment of a new development model that is more respectful of the environment and is on a human scale. It stems from the daily success of the over 4,500 people working with us around the world.

“We’ve already come a long way, but our journey is just beginning. We are looking for travel companions ready to continue this adventure.”

Are you willing to reinvent yourself daily? To think big even when doing small activities?

Do you see diversity as a value to cultivate and defend?

Do you approach change as an opportunity to build something new and make improvements for yourself and others?

If the answer to these questions is yes, Enel Green Power could be in your future.

We are looking for high school graduates, recent university graduates, technicians, researchers and young managers who have the enthusiasm to constantly set new goals, free from the confines of frameworks and conventions, who are ready to share successes, expectations and challenges.

Milestones on a common path

Working at Enel Green Power means starting down a personal and professional path that has the world as its limit and moves towards a horizon that is always open to whatever new awaits us.

“At the base of our work is the sharing of the basic values of trust, responsibility, innovation and proactivity”

Our energy comes from the reciprocal trust that we build daily with communities and people we are working for throughout the world, carrying out our model of shared value creation.

We share the responsibility of creating new development models that can tackle the challenges of climate change, the growing demand for clean energy and the need of bringing electricity to the more than one billion people still without access to it.

We are open to innovation in all areas, from technology to decision-making, because the transformations taking place now require new answers and people able to find them.

Ideas that change the world can come from anyone, in any country and any workplace. This is why proactivity is a common characteristic of all people working at Enel Green Power.

If you are ready to think big, to find new ways of responding to common needs and to explore new worlds, we are waiting for you.