Life Rich Careers

Credit Union Australia

It’s such an exciting time to work with CUA. It takes people with real passion to bring this idea to life. Our CUA team is committed to delivering a ‘life rich banking’ experience for our customers and each other. Throughout the organisation, we’re transparent and honest. Every decision the leadership team makes comes from the right place – to deliver life rich banking and help both our customers and our people enrich our lives. As a key part of the CUA team, we’ll work with you to ensure your career with us is full of opportunities, challenges and highlights – all the things that make work interesting and help you to grow professionally.

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Why work for CUA?

We have a great appreciation for the importance of our brand and its connection to our values, so our people are highly valued and integral to our success. In your role, you have the opportunity to communicate directly with our people and our customers - now that's important!

We want to see you grow your career and make your own life rich. Our customers want to escape being treated as a number, and so do you. So set your sights high, make a difference and drive your own development with our team. We want you to be a part of our story.

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A career with CUA

At CUA, you’ll find a group of people passionate about providing an alternative to traditional Australian banking - one that helps Australians get a fairer deal, and live a richer life.

If you’re passionate about providing a different kind of banking and want to work for a company that will actively invest in your career, where you will feel respected and valued, CUA can offer you a wide variety of career options.

Join us and make a real difference. Don’t just take our word for it, hear from our valued team members about their career success stories with CUA.