Who we are

Bite Size Group


We are a distribution company that delivers premium Bite Size biscuits to every corner of Australia – proudly supplying over 22 million Australians their daily dose of the divine in the form of exceptional Bite Size Coffee Treats and Savoury Bites.

Each Bite Size biscuit is born with one sole purpose. To bring you pleasure. There is no greater honour for a complimentary treat than to find it’s way to the stomach of a satisfied groupie. We exist for you. Our goal in life is to be the tiny hug that warms you from the inside out; the unexpected $50 note inside your pocket; the complimentary upgrade to business class.

And with every one of your secret leaps of joy, your under-the-table fist pumps, your ever so loud moans of BITE SIZE BLISS, you give our lives meaning.

Whether you’re looking for a treat on the side of your next beer, an astonishing conferencing spread at your next seminar, or somthing exquisite for your company’s next promo marketing giveaway, there is nothing that comes close to the quality and taste of the Bite Size range. With over 100 Royal Fine Food Awards & a very rare Award of Outstanding Excellence to our credit, the results speak for themselves.