Diversity and inclusion

Bis Industries

Bis is a diverse business, with over 40 operations in different geographies, in differing commodities and in different markets and communities. We can only deliver quality customer solutions if we encourage different thinking and continue to build a team that challenges the status quo. We recognise that diverse and inclusive teams outperform others, create an enjoyable and engaging team environment and deliver exceptional business results.

Creating a workplace where individuals can meaningfully contribute their unique skills, experience and perspectives will enable Bis to develop and deliver the best solutions and create sustainable value for the Company, our clients and stakeholders.

We are committed to:

  • Establishing greater workplace diversity
  • Removing barriers that restrict diversity or the ability of individuals to actively participate in the workplace
  • Creating greater flexibility through working arrangements
  • Valuing an inclusive work environment
  • Respecting stakeholder diversity

These commitments will be achieved through:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee – a dedicated, multi-faceted group focussed on ensuring support mechanisms that exist and are demonstrated within the organisation for the delivery of these commitments.
  • HR Practices – ensuring organisational employment and career development practices are free from known barriers and promote our commitment to a sustainable and inclusive culture.
  • Measurable Objectives – setting measurable objectives for achieving diversity and inclusion, in which our performance will be reviewed and reported on.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee (DISC) is one of the ways that we are ensuring our commitments will be delivered. The Committee has identified a number of objectives that it will focus on for FY18 and beyond. These objectives are underpinned by our charter.

View the charter here.