Our values


Defined and shaped by our people, our values underpin the way we work and drive our culture.

They are what we stand for, what we believe in and support how we interact with our customers and colleagues.

By working with integrity and conviction, and using values as our compass, we ensure we will be here for generations to come.

Bankwest - Our five values - Our customers

We proudly put the customer first, taking care of their interests and delivering what matters to them, creating value in every interaction.

Bankwest - Our five values - We care

We work collaboratively to get the best for our business, each other, our customers and our community. We respect the contribution of our colleagues and support them to do their best.

Bankwest - Our five values - We act with integrity

We have the courage to make the right decisions even when they’re not easy. We are not afraid to speak up and challenge when something is not right, balancing our customer needs and our risk accountabilities.

Bankwest - Our five values - We take ownership

As one team we empower each other to make the right decisions for our customers and Bankwest. We take ownership of the impacts of our decisions, now and in the future.

Bankwest - Our five values - We're passionate

We are passionate about making a difference and finding new ways to do things. Striving to do our very best by bringing energy and passion to our work and we value each other for the differences we bring.