Write the Perfect CV - Part 1 of 3

Write the Perfect CV - Part 1 of 3




Examples of Professional Summaries

Heather Rickson

E: HRickson@gmail.com Mob: 044444444444


I am a multi-faceted professional, with hands-on experience in executive support, recruitment, HR and counselling. With a high operational focus and an acute emotional intelligence, I thrive in agile environments.

With a background in education, media, construction, not-for-profits and business operations, I am able to formulate relationships with a broad range of people; from peers to internal (and external) stakeholders. Coupled with my aptitude for working in a team environment, I am instrumental in making a difference and driving change in any organisation.

Mark Robertson

E: MarkR@gmail.com Mob: 044444444444


I am a highly skilled Insights Manager, with an acute ability to translate data for stakeholders and corporate leaders so that robust business decisions are made that will drive future growth. I have a true passion for giving numbers meaning, making information exciting and easily absorbed in turn allowing the audience to think, act and remember.

One of my key strengths is formulating relationships with a broad range of people; from junior employees to C Suite executives. Coupled with my aptitude for research, analysis and innovation, I am constantly sought out to input to organisational business cases, consumer strategies and marketing decisions.

My successful leadership of the ABC Media company & Business Insights team, as well as my capability for leading projects and experience in consumer tracking means that I am able to provide you with key insights that will shape a successful organisational future.


Pam is a founding member of the FlexCoach panel of career and executive coaches. She has been on a 30 year journey that encompassed a constant juggle between corporate life and raising 3 children. Her background covers HR, Business, IT, Mentoring, Career coaching, Outplacement consulting, Learning and Development. She coaches people every day to help them be better at what they do, land their dream role, crystalise their goals and achieve their potential. Her passion is seeing people gain confidence to do what they were meant to do (and more!)

You can connect with Pam through her FlexCoach profile here

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