​Career Idea: The Key to Getting Noticed by Recruiters and Applicant Tracking Systems

​Career Idea: The Key to Getting Noticed by Recruiters and Applicant Tracking Systems

To wade through the 100 or sometimes 1000’s of applications organisations get for a job these days, most of the time there is a Recruiter working either internally or externally on behalf of the hiring manager to undertake the first cut of the applications, and in most cases if it’s large volume recruitment in particular, then an applicant tracking system is used before it even gets to the Recruiter.

So how do you get found by recruiters or the applicant tracking systems when applying for a job? The key to being findable is to use key words and phrases that match the skill sets they are searching for and that are used throughout the job ad and position description. By using the key words throughout your application and online presence you will have a much higher chance of moving to the next stage of the recruitment process. Key words and phrases should be reflected throughout:

Having the right keywords and phrases in your cover letter/cover email, resume and LinkedIn profile and utilising an organisations website can help you uncover the key words and phrases that are critical in maximizing findability.  

Leanne is a highly experienced career management specialist with more than 15 years’ practice working across a range of industries and with a diverse range of individuals including graduates, return to work parents, people experiencing redundancy, indigenous communities and individuals experiencing career cross-roads. Leanne provides career and interview coaching, job search and networking strategies and can work with you to enhance or develop your cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile. She can be contacted through info@careeractive.com.au

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