#IChooseFlex - join the revolution

#IChooseFlex - join the revolution

If you, like us, believe flexible work is the future, then please show your support by sharing our message through Thunderclap - #IChooseFlex

FlexCareers is committed to enabling and championing the future of work, today! We are a thriving tech start-up with a social purpose. FlexCareers connects talented women with progressive employers offering flexible hours, attractive pay and career advancement. Flexibility is the enabler to a more humanised work experience as it reflects our diversity and humanness that we bring to work. It recognises that we have lives outside of work but we still want to give it our all at work.

At FlexCareers, we want to change the way careers work by redefining success, rewriting talent management and realigning workplace expectations with the workforce of today. We envisage a future where flexible work is the norm, not the exception. Where women are given equal opportunities to men and the gender equality debate is a thing of the past. Where diverse teams are thriving and leading by example. Where life outside of work is valued and work-life integration is encouraged and supported.

We're on a mission to:

If you are looking for flexible work or want to want to change the way careers work then register with FlexCareers today and join 33,000+ other talented women. There is power in numbers. 

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