Four tips for tailoring your CV in 2017

Four tips for tailoring your CV in 2017

I think we are all guilty of sending off a generic CV for a job at the last minute and then being surprised when we don’t hear anything back. That’s why tailoring your CV to the job you are applying for is critical.

I often say to clients that finding a job is a job in itself. One way to ensure that you don’t spend hours, weeks, months or even years applying for jobs and getting nowhere is to tailor your CV. You have to speak to the reader, tell your professional career story to them and ensure that who you are and what value you have to offer is represented clearly in your resume, so they can easily identify with you and ensure that you move into the next phase of the recruitment cycle.

Below are four tips to assist in tailoring your CV.

  1. Go through the job ad and job description and highlight the key words and must have’s, and use the words and phrases throughout your resume to appeal directly to the reader.
  2. Change the order of your resume to ensure the most relevant phrases and key skills specific to the job are first.
  3. Review your prospective employer’s website and LinkedIn information as this can offer you valuable material to include on your resume. You can seek out common words the employer uses to describe the organisation, its culture and values and employees and incorporate these into your resume.
  4. Connecting with people in your network that have either worked with this organisation or know something about the prospective employer can be another valuable resource. These discussions could gather further insider information that you can include in your resume to ensure you speak directly to the reader.

There is no excuse to ever send a generic CV to a prospective employer. These simple tips for tailoring your CV can dramatically improve your chances of getting in front of the hiring manager. To quote Peter Weddle, a tailored resume works; a generic resume means you don't.

Leanne is a highly experienced career management specialist with more than 15 years’ practice working across a range of industries including corporate, government and education sectors. She has worked with a diverse range of individuals including graduates, returning to work parents, people experiencing redundancy, indigenous communities and individuals experiencing career cross-roads. A member of the FlexCoach panel of career and executive coaches, you can see her profile here

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