Connecting our Community: Meet Co-Founder and Dad, Joel McInnes

Connecting our Community: Meet Co-Founder and Dad, Joel McInnes

Joel is the Co-founder of FlexCareers, husband to Emily and dad to 3 beautiful girls. Joel has always been an entrepreneur at heart and left his banking career a few years ago to pursue more meaningful endeavours, like FlexCareers. By changing the way careers work now, Joel knows his daughters will have more, and more equal opportunities when they join the workforce. Here is what his family have to say about his work and home life!

Emily: What has been the biggest impact on the family of Joel switching from banker to entrepreneur (besides the pay cheque!)

I would definitely say the biggest impact has been on his relationship with the girls. Even though he is still working pretty long hours, he has been able to structure his time differently so that they can do more together which has had such a positive impact. Connected to that, too, is my return to work which has been both hard & positive for us as a family. Joel has been so supportive and we have had to work out a new way of keeping the family & the household balanced & ticking along.

Joel: How does working flexibly allowed you to be a better father? 

Empathy is the big thing with Emily going back to work, coming from being totally career-focused (if a little selfish) to being more involved in the kids lives, doing the school run. I now realise how much hard work it is to look after them, but also how rewarding it is. An entrepreneur once told me that working for yourself is great for flexibility - it lets you choose which 18 hours of the day you work! But despite the long hours, I’m loving spending more time with them when it is my turn.

Emily: You recently returned to work, how has that shifted the parental roles in the family?

My return to work has required a fairly big adjustment to us all and Joel has happily taken on a lot of the parenting duties I used to do. We juggle the before & after-school care with a mix of Joel, me, a fantastic babysitter and some absolutely amazing grandparents. We are lucky to have a supportive and loving extended family who all take on the role of parents at times.

Joel: What is the greatest life lesson you would like teach your daughters? 

Be the change you want to see in the world, and don’t be afraid to tackle big problems head on.

Gemma: Why do you think it is important for mums and dads to work?

Ummmmmm….to get money? Aaaaannd to learn everything.

Eva: What does dad do for work?

He works for FlexCareers. He helps mums that have kids to get jobs.

Ana: What do you love most about your dad?

*laughs* His cuddles & rumbles! And he’s clever.

Joel: What is the worst Fathers Day gift you have received? 

Ha - none. Even the bad ones are still pretty good. 

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's in our community and extended community!

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