​Career Strategy for your Ideal Work Environment

​Career Strategy for your Ideal Work Environment

Let’s just press pause for a minute. Take a breath. And reflect on where your career is right now.

Do you love what you do? Sure there are good days and there are bad days, but overall does your job still inspire you to get out of bed every morning and make a difference?

Speaking of making a difference, are you? Do you feel like you are a valued contributor? Have you been set up for success and feel like your “Reward:Effort” ratio is working in your favour?

Can you pay the bills? And can you put a little something away to reward yourself and your family for the long hours you put in?

Is this your IDEAL WORKING ENVIRONMENT? If not, then what is and how do you get there?

If you could speak to yourself from 5 years ago, and provide some pearls of wisdom regarding career planning, what would you say?

“You really need to make a plan” or “I know you’re not into making plans, but it would be wise to speak to someone who is”.

Or maybe you did make a plan and things haven’t played out as you suspected. But your inability to “course correct” gradually over the years has been frustrating and sometimes stressful.

Either way you should take comfort in the fact that wherever you are right now is exactly where you need to be to move forward. No point getting bogged down with the past. Let’s set our sights for the future.

Career planning is often seen as a waste of time because so many things are outside our control and things change constantly. I prefer to think of it as less of a plan and more of a “Career Strategy”. Where the tactical details aren’t necessarily fleshed out from the start, but are included and modified as required along the journey.

The successful development of your Career Strategy begins with 3 fundamental pillars.
These pillars provide the framework for your career direction, and with the help of a trusted advisor or career coach, will lead you towards your Ideal Work Environment.

Exploring these questions and more, provides a great launching pad for the development of your Career Strategy. Partnering with a trusted advisor to challenge you and keep you accountable to the plan ensures that in 5 years’ time, the future you will say THANKS

Simon is a founding FlexCoach who decided to make a career out of coaching, wanting to make a larger contribution to the personal and professional development of people working in operational roles. Connect with Simon by viewing his profile

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