A holistic job-search strategy

A holistic job-search strategy

When I ask people what their job search strategy is, they usually respond that they are registered with or are searching for roles on SEEK.com.

While this approach should be part of your job search strategy, limiting your efforts to this approach may result in missed opportunities. Picture an iceberg, the only visible part is the tip which comprises a small portion of the entire mountain of ice. Advertised roles represent a similar portion of the full population of roles available.

In addition, when applying for roles via SEEK, you are competing against everyone else utilising a job board approach, missing opportunities to leverage more personalised introductions to your target employers.According to the latest Graduate Careers Australia Report, 26.2% of graduates found their full-time roles either through family and friends, work contacts or networking. This percentage increases as these graduates develop their networks.

Here are some strategies for you to reach the lower hanging fruit:

1) Expand your network by:

2) Join LinkedIn

3) Hold information interviews with:

4) Attend Networking events through

5) Meet with recruiters

6) Look at professional and industry publications – they often include job ads

By expanding your network and utilising a more holistic approach, you will increase your chances of securing a role and reduce the time it takes to achieve your goal. Consistently applying the right processes will result in a fruitful outcome.


Karen is a member of the FlexCoach panel of career and executive coaches. You can connect with her through her FlexCoach profile here

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