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Be productive and have your child well looked after next door

Bubs and Boardrooms has created a space for working parents to collaborate and create. There is an onsite Playspace, so that you are readily available to your child when they need you, but have the tools and resources to be able to get your work done. Best of all, fees are tax dedictible.

Our very own Lauren visited Bubs & Boardrooms last week in an effort to get some urgent work done. She had 2 child-free hours immersed in her work knowing that her child was being well looked after right next door. She met some interesting ladies who were managing their juggle in their own way with very interesting stories to share. One even managed to get her work to pay for her 'hot desk' which comes with complimentary childcare. What a win!

We know this sort of facility could be very useful for our Flexperts who work from home or who are transitioning back to work etc so we have arranged a free 2-hour trial session at their Five Dock location in Sydney for the month of July 2015. Simply call ahead to book and mention you are a Flexpert. **More national locations opening soon (Brisbane next, and Melbourne in also planned) so all our Flexperts can benefit from this offer.

Flexible working key to keeping valuable returning mums in the workforce

Our friends at Ausmumpreneur authored an insightful article about the benefits that returning mums bring to their employers and the economy as a whole. This was confirmed in survey results from the SME sector, where 74 per cent of respondents said that they valued returning mothers because they offered skills and experience which were difficult to find in the current market.

The same survey cited by Ausmumpreneur found that:

  • 63 per cent of Australian respondents reported that more women are demanding to work remotely when they return to the workforce;
  • 38 per cent of those surveyed said they are seeing women take shorter maternity leave (under three months);
  • 43 per cent said that working closer to home is a key incentive;
  • 93 per cent reported that working flexible hours would help returning mothers.

Learn how to job search network

Do you know that more than 30% of all available jobs are filled through networking (and not advertised)?

An ever growing number of organisations are engaging their staff to assist them in finding replacement or new employees. Many are offering a financial incentive for successful introductions. Individuals who are on the job market or considering a job change are learning how to leverage their business and personal contacts to gain access to jobs being filled through networking.

There are significant benefits to an individual who learns how to job search network including :

  • Not having to respond to an advertising campaign
  • Chronological CV can be replaced by a Biography
  • No recruitment consultant and limited HR involvement
  • Go straight to the hiring manager
  • Cut weeks from the selection process
  • If you are re-joining the workforce after a break this is the most effective way of securing an appropriate job.