HR Technology Account Manager


TalentVine is an award-winning, funded HR tech platform that is providing transparency and accountability in the recruitment industry. We are a marketplace that connects employers with top-rated recruiters, who bid for the opportunity to present their best candidates. For employers, this is creating massive time and cost savings when they need to outsource, and equally as important, they have the confidence in a previously unregulated industry to know that they are working with the best consultants in the market.

We are not trying to eliminate recruiters from the process, we are merely providing a better way for employers to identify and then work with the most suitable, ethical and top-rated recruiters. And at the same time we are passionate about exposing and eliminating the shitty recruiters that give the good ones a bad name. When an employer works with a highly skilled consultant that finds them the perfect candidate, and this is done at a fee and terms that both parties are happy with, then this is the exact type of 'hiring utopia' that we want to facilitate. Thanks to the great agencies we get to work with as an extension of our TalentVine brand this is possible.

We have a flat and flexible structure, we love what we do and get to see the impact on a daily basis. Employers have given us an NPS score of 76% which is incredibly high given the average NPS in the recruitment industry is 9%. 

The team is made up of the two founder (CEO and CTO), Head of Growth, Frontend Developer, Head of Marketing and Head of Client Success. Everyone has some form of flexibility in their role and we don't care about hours, we just focus on results and attitude and do all we can to support those in the team to have the right balance to achieve this including our most recent team member who has been working with us from Bali, in-between valuable time with her toddler and beach hangs.

With some additional funding looking very likely, we expect to grow the team so there will be opportunities for anyone who might be considering moving into a more permanent role.

In this current role, we are looking for flexible team members who have come from a recruitment or an HR background and would be confident of getting employers to start using the TalentVine platform whenever they need to outsource the hiring of a position. We are used by some of Australia's largest employers such as Aurizon, BAE Systems, VicSuper, Grant Thornton, BCG etc. We are also used by over 300 SMEs across Australia so this is a solution for anyone that hires skilled and technical roles.

It costs nothing for an employer to use, they save about 40% on their recruitment fees and TalentVine answers clear pain points in the industry so its not a hard sell, however, we know that often having those existing relationships with those that make hiring decisions can help with the initial introduction. We have no shortage of recruitment agencies wanting to use TalentVine so this role will be focused on the employer side of the marketplace as opposed to the recruitment agencies. 

You'll receive a generous amount of commission every time the employer that you introduce to TalentVine, makes a hire in the first 12 months. The average commision payment that you'll receive per role, that is hired through the platform, is $700 so introducing TalentVine to two employers that use us ten times each in one year will receive $14,000 which is not bad for a couple of introductions. 

We have global ambitions to be the platform of choice for all outsourced recruitment and we see TalentVine as the alternative to outdated recruitment panels by offering a clear point of differentiation in a traditional industry and a great product that allows employers to piggyback off the time and costs that other recruiters have already invested into finding similar talent.

Whether someone wants to put one hour or 40 hours aside each week to get new employers using TalentVine, this is up to you and we are set up to support you in this way so please get in touch if you would like to know more.

We are focused in the IT industry, predominantly in QLD so there is the opportunity for someone to 'own' a whole sector, ie Melbourne based financial planners or NSW marketing agencies. 

This can be done from home/remotely as most employers can be communicated with via email and phone and they can be taken through a complete demo and tour of the platform when they register for no cost. When they register, it's easy for you and us to track and view their activity. Through our Hubspot integration, this makes it simple too for you to know when they have been online or interacting with your emails or marketing materials which makes it easier to sell and communicate with them at the opportune time.

For any of the larger corporate clients that we find like to have more of a sales process, we will always be willing to fly interstate and support this activity. If you'd like to be involved in any of these meetings then we would cover your expenses and pay for your time too.

We don't pay much for an hourly rate as we know that the main value of this role is the uncapped commission and the continual earning potential that can come from a single client introduction. We pay an hourly rate of $25/hour, from four to 20 hours/week on the basis that after 40 hours there will be some return from effort for both TalentVine and yourself. We are small and flexible and can adapt to anyone based on their existing contacts and situations.


  • Making outbound sales calls to potential customers - these could be warm leads from your existing relationships or anyone that you wish to contact in your chosen sector.
  • Email and ongoing communication with the employers as required so that they register and keep using TalentVine for their outsourced needs.
  • Identifying new sales opportunities and willing to contribute ideas and suggestions to the wider TalentVine team so we can continually approve our service and value proposition.
  • Providing world-class customer service to your new customers
  • Ability to ask high-quality questions, listen and position TalentVine persuasively
  • Previous experience using HubSpot or a CRM would be helpful
  • Driven to succeed in this role and strive for that next commission payment
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Willingness to check in with the TalentVine team to make sure we can support you as best as possible
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