MOVE Careers Program - Project Managers and Business Analysts

The MOVE Careers Program is designed to enable experienced professionals the opportunity to MOVE their career forward, while achieving professional growth and development on flexible terms.

MOVE stands for:

Managerial roles (or approaching management)


Variable and flexible


It is not an internship or return-to-work program where participants work within fixed parameters, for example, program duration and salary. It is about providing meaningful long-term employment at an appropriate skill level and an appropriate salary, with development support and tailored flexibility that suits you.

We are seeking applications from candidates with skills and experience as Project Managers and Business Analysts.

These roles are in our Financial Markets Group which consists of the Domestic Markets and International Markets Departments.

The Domestic Markets Department is responsible for the implementation of monetary policy and for monitoring its transmission through the financial system. Our International Department have responsibility for the Reserve Bank's foreign exchange operations, the investment of international reserve holdings of gold and foreign exchange, and the provision of regular advice on developments in international financial markets to the Governors and the Board. 

To be considered, you will need to:

  • Share the RBA Values
  • Demonstrate RBA Leadership capabilities
  • A solid level of skills, knowledge and experience in project management or business analysis. 
  • Be either returning to work or looking for more flexible employment 

Talk to us about your flexibility requirements and how we can support your career.

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