IT Solutions Consultant Part Time

The role of the Solutions Consultant is a flexible part time position with an attractive salary and commission on sales made. The goal is to understand clients’ needs and develop and sell eCommerce solutions for clients.

The Solutions Consultant will be supported by a team of eCommerce experts, templated proposals, digital marketing, bespoke events, sales leadership and the other sales people from the PNORS Group. An overview of the two key solutions sold are. An overview of the four key solutions sold are

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution that has clear and tangible RIO by improving efficiencies, reducing cost and reducing errors by eliminating manual data entry of Business Documents.

DCX (Document Capture and eXchange) is an extension of EDI and is directed at those business that do not have technological capability or resources to do full EDI.

Product Catalogue and MDM (Master Data Management) solutions an integration into GS1net and NPC (National Product Catalogue)

The Solutions Consultant will be responsible for identifying clients who meet the PacCom Ideal Client Profile, creating relationships, understanding needs and then developing solutions to improve the client’s business.


  • 1.Undertake Business Development:

-Match suppliers to existing trading partners and create new connections

-Meet with Head of Client Relations to plan sales campaigns;

-Meet with prospects to develop new electronic exchanges;

-Develop marketing campaigns with the sales and marketing team

-Prepare sales proposals based on solutions;

  • 2.Manage Sales Pipeline, Logistics & reporting

-Provide notes on CRM on all client activity;

-Develop sales reports on progress of sales funnel.

-Meet with Head of Client Relations to review prospects and agree tactics;

-Provide reporting on the sales progress, campaigns KPIs.

-Participate in sales Meetings with other sales people from PNORS

  • 3.Undertake Campaigns & Events

-Plan sales campaign to attract prospects;

-Develop and market campaign to potential participants;

-Execute campaign;.

  • 4.Digital Marketing

-Participate in PNORS digital marketing of content;

-Research and disseminate relevant content on PNORS web and Social Media outlets.;

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