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Suit Talent Acquisition, HR, Consulting, Org Psych Background

Arielle Careers is Australia's leading executive-level human marketing & personal branding agency and we’re rapidly growing.

There is an exciting opportunity for a talented professional (with a background in Consulting, Talent Acquisition, HR or Organisational Psychology) who cares about being at the peak of their game and who has knowledge of the Australian executive recruitment and selection market, to join our small, nimble and highly capable team in the capacity of an Executive Branding Consultant.


You’re a quick-witted and charismatic recruitment specialist who works relentlessly with executive clientele to build long-lasting relationships. You have a knack for being able to zone in on your client’s needs, asking the right questions, conceptualising the solution and offering strategic recruitment advice that takes executive career prospects through positioning in the market to the next level.

Warm, engaging and knowledgeable, with high levels of integrity, you are focused on delivery, are dedicated to your word, and flourish when surpassing expectations.

Most importantly you excel in a busy, "all hands on deck" environment; you love to solve problems and thrive in a mission-centred, professional yet informal start-up culture. Does this sound like you? If so, read on.



For all you recruitment experts out there, this will be a slight role reversal, as your client here is the candidate in recruitment terms.

Reporting to the Managing Director of the business, you will be among a growing team of hand-picked experts who are thirsty to make a difference not only to our amazing, tenacious executive clientele, but to the bigger talent and leadership game.

Building strong trust-based relationships, you’ll get to know our clients personally, spending time discussing the ins and outs of their careers, understanding their personality, their points of view on business and leadership, and what makes them tick, in order to craft a point of difference for them in the market that positions their brand as being a ‘fit’ for their direction. You’ll set a high level strategy to lead the execution of their personal brand development. The aim, of course, is for search professionals, recruiters, hiring managers and boards to see them as ‘employees of choice’, and you will partner with the client, and our digital and production teams to ensure this is achieved.

With a well-rounded background in providing solid recruitment advice, you have an inquisitive nature and a thirst to add value. These allow you to uncover unique traits about each individual, distinguishing our clients from their market competition, and delivering results that allow them to excel even further within their already brilliant careers. This role requires part recruitment-brain and part marketing and communications aptitude, and importantly, high levels of commercial astuteness – a rare talent and a delicate balance to strike.

Gifted at seeing patterns when others see disparate information, you’re an avid researcher and use your analytical mind, your expertise in the recruitment sphere and your deep know-how on the client side in understanding the markers for leadership success and commercial environments and dynamics to help people shine. You understand what employers want.

Fluent in competency frameworks and behavioural interviewing you intuitively grasp what’s missing and also what’s required for clients to be deemed as suitable for roles, highlighting and articulating the presence or lack of transferrable skills.


This role is for someone who can provide the highest levels of recruitment and positioning advice, can create an engaging, credible and professional client experience, and uses this talent to delight our clients –people who have decided to put their brilliant careers in our hands.

Offering strategic advice to executives, you are a curious being, and people open up to you due to your warm, professional and intelligent approach. It’s also vital that you’re able to put your marketing hat on. This requires someone clever, sharp, and savvy; you’ll often be synthesising large amounts of information in order to bring out the most salient points to market clients in a way that truly makes a difference to their prospects. You must have a love affair with writing - this forms an integral part of our business and the role.

Being a boutique environment, our roles are multi-faceted in that you'll be further developing your recruitment advice provision and your influencing abilities, combining these with new skills ranging from organisational psychology, personal branding, as well as marketing and communications to lead the way in pioneering a new niche. Our business is continuously evolving, so you need to be comfortable in an environment that rarely stays the same. Each client will challenge you in different ways.

Credibility at C-Level is vital; you appreciate the complexities of working within a high-end brand where handcrafted excellence, true capability and expertise, client-centricity, individuality and pushing the boundaries continuously to remain at the cutting-edge, are the cornerstones of success.

We value loyalty and will reward high performance coupled with dedication. If you care about personal growth and possess a genuine desire to contribute to an organisation that is helping improve people’s lives through the opportunities that are presented to them every day, then we encourage you to apply.


As a part of the business, you get to enjoy the benefits of being a part of a high-performance team that doesn’t settle for mediocrity.

You’ll be part of a fast-paced and rapidly evolving business, thriving at the cutting edge of a new niche, taking off in Australia. There's no corporate bureaucracy, no politics - just highly driven people who are professional, down to earth, who love to create and get stuff done.

We trust our people to be accountable, and you’ll be accountable for producing results, rather than clocking in and out. So long as our clients’ needs are serviced and we exceed their expectations, we don't mind where you sit. It’s about autonomy, not micromanagement.

Your clients will be successful, intelligent, driven, high profile people and you’ll get to work on exciting and rewarding projects – if you love taking creative and innovative approaches to existing processes, a fulfilling role awaits you! We believe there is always a better way – and innovation is one of our core driving forces, propelling us to think ahead of the game.

We believe that work should be a holistic experience - a natural extension of who you are. If you love the work you do and want to work in an environment that allows you to be the very best that you can be, we’d be thrilled to hear from you.


To understand more about our mission, values and the type of people we are looking for, please check out: http://arielle.com.au/careers

If all this sounds like it’s right up your alley, please submit your application to Irene McConnell, Managing Director at Arielle Careers via email on careers@arielle.com.au quoting the subject “Executive Branding Consultant”.

Please include your resume, a link to your LinkedIn profile and a personalised cover letter, ensuring the following three questions are answered within:

  • What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?
  • What success are you particularly proud of?
  • Why do you think you’re right for this job? What do you bring?

In writing this cover letter, please bear in mind that we are a personal branding agency; make this your best cover letter yet.

As a part of the selection process, you will undertake several short trials, as well
as interviews.

We look forward to your application!

Irene McConnell
Managing Director – Arielle Careers

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