Kiel Johns

Online Transformation Manager

The Reece Group

2007 - Century Batteries - Warehouse manager

“I was studying logistics and was looking for an opportunity with more structure and exposure to different parts of the supply chain because I felt I was stuck in the warehouse in this role.”

2008 - Joined Reece Logistics Graduate

“This was just what I was looking for – an 18-24 month plan in an organisation with a well-defined supply chain capability. I was really excited.”

2010 - Logistics and Supply Chain Management - RMIT - Completed a Bachelor of Business
“Reece gave me the grad role opportunity, even though I hadn’t finished my degree.”
2010 - Logistics Process Coordinator 
“While working in the inventory team I discovered a passion for understanding and improving processes. It was a great learning experience.”

2011 - Logistics Business Analyst 

“This was a shared role between two departments – logistics and IT. It opened my eyes to different parts of the business, not just logistics, Really valuable.”

2012 - Logistics Project Manager 

“This was an opportunity to be involved in really big projects, working at a different level.”

2014 - Inventory Manager 

“I was really lucky to work with such a great team again, this time at a more senior level. Managing a team was a whole new skill set for me.”

2014 - Melbourne Business School, started MBA and Master of Marketing

“I wanted to learn about business beyond the supply chain, to learn as much as I could.”

2016 - Spent a year working in Branch Operations. 

“I jumped at the opportunity to go back out into the network. Everything we do is for the network. I wanted to refresh my knowledge.”

2017 - Digitial Transformation Manager 

“Back into IT! It’s been a complete headspin and an amazing year, getting a more granular view of what’s needed in IT.”

Working towards

"Whatever they throw at me! I’ve got my hands full right now. I just want to learn as much as I can.”

Kiel johns