Jess Ashcroft

Digital Marketing Coordinator

The Reece Group

Jess's Journey 

2012 - Completed Multimedia and Marketing Degree

“I did my final semester in upstate New York and had my interview with Reece on the same day I arrived home!”

2012 -  Started at Reece, Graduate Program 

“I was working on the counter, serving customers, learning about the products, what customers need, how they think and how the business works. It’s integral to Marketing.”

2013 - Reece Support centre, Digital Marketing Graduate 

“At this stage, there were only two of us looking after digital for the whole Reece Group, so we were involved in everything. I had a lot of responsibility early on and the growth I had during that period was fantastic.”

2015 - Digital Marketing Assistant 

“I was given the opportunity to look after the whole Trade digital side of the business. It was great to be able to get a deep understanding of different types of customers and to develop products specific to their needs.”

2016 - Digital Marketing Coordinator 

“I now look after the workload for three different IT development teams and prioritise their workloads based on customer needs. This is where I want to be; leading and owning a space, growing the digital business. It’s empowering.”

Working towards a leadership position

“As the digital space continues to grow and evolve, so too will our customer’s needs. I’d love to be in a leadership position working with a team creating and developing digital products which have a real impact on our customers’ day-to-day lives.”

Jess ashcroft